Our atelier

Watch and jewelry atelier

The craft of goldsmiths and watchmakers continues to enjoy great, even growing, attention and appreciation in the 21st century. Despite the use of modern instruments and technologies such as the laser for soldering, most of the tools and work steps are the same today as in former times. We employ both male and female in-house watchmakers and goldsmiths and continuously train and educate young professionals to become goldsmiths. The apprenticeship lasts four years and is completed with the Federal Diploma of Vocational Education and Training.

Our watchmakers carry out repair and service work on various watches from renowned Swiss manufacturers. With an eye for the smallest detail, they check the function of the movement. In many small work steps and with great instinct, they ensure that your watch – whether it is a wristwatch or a pendulum clock – runs exactly again.

Our goldsmiths develop their own creations in our ateliers or make unique items according to your wishes. Whether classic, modern or unconventional – the perfectly shaped work is characterized by the highest level of precision and manufacturing quality in all styles. We carry out professional changes, adjustments to existing pieces of jewelry and repairs for you with the greatest care.

Gemstones and pearls

Flawless diamonds, fiery red rubies, shimmering green emeralds, deep blue sapphires, shiny pearls – in our store you will find a large selection of precious natural beauties.

There is a special magic inherent in pearls. We are fascinated by their brilliance, beauty and gentleness. Our range includes charming creations with South Sea, Tahiti, Akoya and freshwater pearls.

Gemstones also exert an unparalleled attraction on us: with their mysterious aura, their bright colours, their purity and clarity. They are miracles of nature and have been coveted as jewelry since antiquity. Sparkling gemstones, harmoniously processed with gold or platinum, attract everyone’s attention.