The playful collections of Wellendorff with their magical charisma are unmistakable. Precious metals, gemstones and cold enamel are artfully transformed, such as the popular Wellendorff rotating ring.
Timeless elegance is reflected in the discreetly shiny Wellendorff bracelet or in the velvety Wellendorff cord with the easily recognizable small brilliant «W». «Genuine Values» is the motto of the Wellendorf manufactory in Pforzheim, where all pieces of jewelry are individually handcrafted with the highest precision and with loving attention to detail.

We are connected with Wellendorff by a long-term partnership and a very personal friendship. Wellendorff and Zigerli+Iff were both founded in 1893 and celebrated their 125th anniversary in 2018.

Are you ready for the colourful, sparkling sea of ​​colour? We cordially invite you to experience the Wellendorff secrets up close at Zigerli+Iff in Bern. Discover at your individual appointment which new design suits you best.

Please contact us for your personal presentation appointment. We look forward to welcoming you!

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