Watch services

A watch, which is working over many years, requires a complete service once in a while. During this overhaul, the watch is completely disassembled. Its components are thoroughly cleaned, if necessary replaced with original parts and afterwards reassembled and oiled. A meticulous function check and a fine-tuning complete this service.

Zigerli+Iff is an official and certified Rolex service center and employs its own experienced male and female watchmakers. We will also gladly take care of watches from renowned Swiss brands that are not part of our selection. Depending on the type of work required, the availability of the spare parts and cost efficiency, the maintenance work is carried out in-house or we cooperate with the manufacturer.

Depending on the brand, model and age, a complete service is usually recommended every four to five years, though shorter or longer intervals are also possible. In order to ensure the waterproofness of a watch according to its specifications, its tightness should be checked regularly and restored if necessary. Over time, the seals become brittle and must eventually be replaced to ensure waterproofness.

For brands that we carry, batteries are usually replaced within a few hours. In the case of external brands, it may take up to 24 hours.  For the overhaul of a large clock – especially of a pendulum clock – we will pick up the precious piece from your home upon request and bring it back well protected after its “wellness” experience.


An engraving gives personality to a watch. Specialized artisans create the desired engravings by hand, machine or by means of a laser – depending on the object, the material and the theme.


Upon request we provide appraisals for watches and jewelry. Depending on your wishes, the replacement value (for insurances), the value for allocating estates or the mere liquidation value (material value of precious metals and gemstones) are calculated.
A comprehensive expertise is a responsible task – our experts will be pleased to take the necessary time for it.