Code of Ethics and memberships in associations

Zigerli+Iff is committed to the official Code of Ethics for the Swiss Watch and Jewelry branch. The VSGU (Swiss Goldsmiths and Watchmakers Organization), the UBOS (Federation of Swiss Jewels and Precious Metals Branches) as the Swiss governing body, and the CIBJO – The World Jewellery Confederation – have taken a close look at the Code of Ethics and informed the public. The current Code of Ethics was unanimously adopted during the general meeting on 11 May 2006.

Zigerli+Iff is a member or benefactor of the following organizations:

  • VSGU Swiss Goldsmiths and Watchmakers Organization

  • SSEF Swiss Gemmological Institute

  • SGG Swiss Gemmological Society

  • BERNcity Marketing Organization of the City of Bern

Training company

We are happy to be a company that provides formations for retail sales specialists and goldsmiths. Our female and male goldsmiths are trained in traditional goldsmithing and pass their knowledge on to the next generation as recognized instructors.

Social commitment

Zigerli+Iff is giving financial support to various institutions such as the foundations “Sunnesyte” and “Bernaville”.

“Sunnesyte” has set itself the task of providing unbureaucratic, direct and most needed help to children and to their families affected by physical suffering and financial hardship. Even in Switzerland an untroubled childhood is unfortunately not self-evident for everyone.

“Bernaville” provides services in the areas of living and leisure, education, employment and professional integration for people with cognitive impairments. In this way, the foundation builds bridges between people with disabilities and society – with the aim of sustainably improving the quality of life of those affected.