Jewelry service

Our experienced goldsmiths respond to your individual wishes and will be happy to inspire you with design suggestions and drawings. All their work is carried out with the greatest care.

The range of our services is comprehensive:

  • Creation of individual pieces of jewelry 

  • Alteration of jewelry – old becomes new

  • Professional repairs of any kind of genuine gold jewelry

  • Refurbishment of jewelry pieces

  • Resizing of rings

  • Control of jewelry pieces (e.g. ensuring secure gemstone setting)

  • Precious metal testing

The repair of silver cutlery or large silverware is executed for us either by the silver manufacturer Jezler or by a qualified silversmith from our region.

For the regular maintenance of silverware, we have the appropriate care products in stock.


An engraving gives personality to a piece of jewelry. Specialized artisans create the desired engravings by hand, machine or by means of a laser – depending on the object, the material and the theme.


Upon request we provide appraisals for watches and jewelry. Depending on your wishes, the replacement value (for insurances), the value for allocating estates or the mere liquidation value (material value of precious metals and gemstones) are calculated.
A comprehensive expertise is a responsible task – our experts will be pleased to take the necessary time for it.